Here’s where you can get involved.

We are currently looking for scripts.  We have a few things in early development, but are eager to start new projects.  Already have a script?  Send it to us at:


Moontalk Productions

5621  22nd Avenue S

Minneapolis, MN 55417

Scripts we are looking for:

Film shorts – (run time 6-12 minutes)

This is the best way to get started.  Our goal is to turn this website into a virtual portfolio of finished work.  Film shorts will be made on our dime and posted to this website for free viewing.  You will be credited for your work, and are welcome to share these videos as you please after release.  Word of mouth is good for everyone.

Please bear in mind that we are a small company with limited special effects capacity (practical effects all the way, baby) and are not yet ready for the challenge of any sort of period piece.  If we know your work/work ethic, it will probably stand in your favor.  And in the end, we all know a good script speaks for itself.

If you’ve never written a script before and are interested in trying, I highly recommend the book Backwards & Forwards by David Ball.  There are many places to also learn good script formatting, but story is key.