The Work

  • We approach our work with curious enthusiasm and a sense of play.
  • We understand that we are currently a volunteer production team and that artists need to determine for themselves how much time and energy they have available prior to beginning work.
  • We encourage every artist to continually pursue their dreams and goals through hard work, whether as part of our team or simply through following their own muse.



  • Through sharing our talents collaboratively, we all accomplish more than we could alone.
  • We strive to have open, honest communication lines with our creative team, in a system of established roles and responsibilities.
  • We believe that every person contributing to a production, no matter how simple the responsibility, is an important part of our creative team.



  • We want to tell stories about real people (though certainly through a fantastical lens, at times) that reflect the truth of personal experiences.
  • While talent is very desirable, we believe that many skills can be learned and strongly value work ethic and the ability to meet deadlines.
  • We believe in treating each other with respect and understanding, and look for ways to find a healthy balance for our entire team.



  • Our goal is that every production, large or small, is an enjoyable and fun creative experience for all involved.
  • While we may not have access to cutting edge technology, we take our art seriously and strive to behave and create like professionals.
  • We believe in change and growth, and we hope this company and site grow and change with us.