“You know, my girlfriend had a theory. She said at some point in your life, you find a use for every useless talent you ever had. It’s like connecting the dots.”      – Dr. Dakota Block, Planet Terror

Bill Stiteler

Bill is the writer/director of THACO, and went right from that into holding the mic boom for Spooky Scary. C’est la vie. He’s also a playwright, creating the original production of THACO as well as 80’s Cinemax-homage Watching Porn and Macbeth: the Video Game Remix.

Bill is the co-creator of Disapproving Rabbits and co-founder of Theatre Arlo, which remixes and warps the theatrical season of the Guthrie Theater as it happens.

TJ Kudalis

TJ has been creating local film and video productions in the Twin Cities since he got his Junior Community Television Ranger production card in the seventh grade. He followed his dad’s advice and got a job doing something that didn’t exist back then: multimedia Web journalism, which culminated in the 2001 National Press Club Award for Online Journalism. Since then, he has built streaming media solutions for dozens of local broadcasters across the country, as well as the 2004 and 2006 Olympic Games. If Moontalk needs somebody to poke at technology with a stick, he’s the guy we talk to.

TJ’s favorite films include The Big Lebowski, Dr. Strangelove and Spirited Away.

Amanda R. Kudalis (formerly Gordon)
Producer/Production Manager/Director/Actor

Amanda has a Theatre Major/English Minor from Northwestern College.  Since college, she has dabbled artistically in the Minneapolis area, and after a few years waitressing, found herself with a day job in the financial industry.  She decided to combine her love of film and the collaborative production process with her growing understanding of small business and financial planning and start a small movie-making company.  Amanda has an extensive background in costuming, competed nationally at ACTF with her designs for Moliere’s The Miser, and had costume internships with both The Guthrie Theater here in Minneapolis, and The Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC.  She performed with the Irish folk group The Dregs for five seasons at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and also recorded two cds and a single while she was with them.   Her appetite for local, independent film was whetted when she landed a small part in the Failureboys production Attack of the Tattie Bogle.

Amanda’s favorite directors:
The Coen Brothers (her personal heroes)
Trey Parker
Judd Apatow
John Lasseter
Jim Henson

All thanks and credit for the website art goes to Colorado artist, Jake Walker